Just like the Dum Biryani itself, we too are born and ‘bread’ in Hyderabad. For any Hyderabadi, cuisine is part of their DNA. Growing up to the iconic ‘Bawarchi’ biryani in Hyderabad and all the city’s legendary dishes – Baghare Baigan, Haleem, Mirchi Ka Saalan, Dum Ka Murg, Double Ka Meetha and many more… Our aim was to celebrate the same joys the city has to offer by dutifully re-creating those iconic dishes to replenish the taste buds for those who miss home and to create an everlasting experience for the first timers.

Food is not our Profession but Passion

At Biryani Nation, we take our Biryani seriously. Like, very seriously! We brought Biryanis to Slough that were never seen and tasted before with the likes of Paneer/Egg/Kheema Biryanis and proud to say we are the only ones that do it!

It is this drive to deliver new authentic dishes that makes us work in food by choice rather than necessity. End of the day, FOOD is our happiness, adventure, joy, love that we would like to share with you.